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A Few of My Favorite Things!

The Experts of Greige are sharing a few of their favorite new items! Are you obsessed with interior design? If so, Greige is the place to be! Our Experts are in the know when it comes to textiles, materials, color, space planning, sustainability, and more. There is nuance involved when it comes enhancing your space. Our goal at Greige, is to achieve a sleek and more aesthetically pleasing environment with home interiors that complement your style. Check out these fabulous new items, hand selected by the experts!

“Rise and Shine”

Design Consultant, Michael Burns selected this gorgeous bed as one of her favorite things when it comes to interior decorating. Our beds are hand selected, luxurious beds that are expertly crafted with attention to detail. Everyone knows that sleep plays an important role in mental and physical health.  When it comes to resting and rejuvenating, investing in a bed that you love means investing in your overall well-being. Having the right bed is paramount to experiencing a good night’s sleep. Drift off to the Land of Nod in any of our luxurious beds that inspire you, and complement your style.

“Cutting A Rug”

Design Consultant, Corrine Lascari Fisher selected area rugs as one of her favorite things when it comes to interior decorating. From handwoven craftsmanship to completely customizable rugs there are so many options to choose from. Did you know that area rugs help with noise reduction? An area rug can help decrease noise in your space by absorbing sound from the air. Whether your floor is tiled, hardwood, or carpet, an area rug provides an array of benefits. Area rugs add a sense of style, protect floors, and are easy to clean and replace.  Embrace all of the warmth and comfort of a stylish rug that shows off your flair, and gives your space definition! Visit Greige to find an area rug that helps anchor your furniture and complements your style.

“A Timeless Classic”

Design Consultant, Kathleen Hall McCullough selected this breathtaking clock as one of her new favorite arrivals at Greige. A sleek, beautifully designed mechanism that showcases the passing of time with a modern ode to tradition, makes this item stand out. We all know that time is a valuable commodity, and pertinent in everyday life. Have you found a keeper of time to grace your home? We carry different home accents that you will cherish for years to come Visit Greige today to find more timeless pieces like this one that complement your style.

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